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Mea Culpa

January 18, 2019

So you think we are aging

If you’re anxious for to show
To the people that you know
That you are still alive
You need to send a letter
To explain you’re feeling better
And that you really thrive
You can say you’re having fun describing things you’ve done
Staying closely to the truth
And all their doubts demolish, and their faith in you astonish
As you’ve preserved your youth
And all your friends will say
As they chatter every day
If that old pair can live like that they will certainly outlive me
What a very dedicated fit old pair that fit old pair must be.

You can tell them if you like
On your skis or on your bike
You exercise with glee
Writing up your treatise
On defeating diabetes
Despite a dodgy knee.
The treadmill that you walk on as you wear your cap from Boston
Where you ran the marathon
There’s no need for them to know it was fifteen years ago
That you first put that hat on
And all your friends will find
As they talk about your mind
If that old pair is still as bright as they certainly used to be
The what a very privileged and bright old pair that bright old pair must be

While you’re busily emoting
On a blog that clearly gloating
But could really be much worse
If you modified expression
To create a good impression
And wrote it all in verse
Utilising leisure in reducing your blood pressure
As you aim to stave off ills
Despite the awful warnings you’re receiving in the mornings
When you read what’s on your pills.
And everyone will know
As you’ve told them it is so
That this old pair still does their best to say that they are well
By pretending they are better when they send a Christmas letter so nobody can tell

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