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A canine challenge

October 6, 2019

Be it Spaniel, Pug or Poodle
Dachshund or Labradoodle,
There is one thing that doggy has to do.
As you follow it around
It leaves stuff on the ground,
Leaving its disposal up to you.

You say a silent prayer
As you pick it up with care
And quickly as you can put it away
So you hand now holds a saggy
And smelly plastic baggy
In which you hope that it is going to stay

I’m not being sarcastic
When I point out that plastic
Is a problem of its’ own we have to face
We all know it is planned
To get this plastic banned
To protect the future human race.

We hope someone’s intention
Is to find a new invention
To deal with what the doggies leave as poop
Someone must devise a
Means of making fertilizer
Or dog owners will all be in the soup.

It really would be super
To invent a pooper scooper
That held it’s contents all throughout the day
In the evening you would duck it
In some water in a bucket
And use the loo to flush it all away

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