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A Thank You Poem

October 13, 2019

Two years ago I had an operation for lung cancer in the middle of winter, and I was well looked after. I wrote this poem of thanks to all concerned, which is appropriate for the Thanksgiving weekend.

The time has come to offer thanks,
To those who in their serried ranks
Supported us in many ways
During those past thirty days.
The surgeon who despite the snow
Found another way to go
Through the blizzard that had led
Me to be prepared in bed
The nurses who despite the murk
Found their way through snow to work
There’s lots of others I could list
Including the anaesthetist.
So many working night and day
To ease in bed my post op stay.
Then others came from near and far
To help out me and their mama
From Ottawa through snow and water
Came in sequence every daughter
Neighbours, Unitarians, Kootz
And others came in winter boots
Gathered round to give support
Or offer gifts that they had brought
Wine, balloons and cards and chocs
And even once a pair of socks
Muffins, salads, soup and more
Were delivered to our door
I offer thanks to everyone
For all the kind things they have done
And please don’t think of me as rotten
If you are one I have forgotten


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One Comment
  1. And we are all thankful that the docs, nurses, and everyone else did such a good job of fixing you up. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Sheila, Tim!

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