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The election results

October 22, 2019

Well now, the election is over, the votes have been counted with care.
We know all the winners and losers, and the ones who’s power they might share.
But all of them claim to some victory, to make them feel they have won
As results could be worse in all cases, and that wouldn’t be fun.
The liberals may say they’re triumphant, because they are remaining in power
But some one will have to assist them to stay that way more than an hour.
The Tories can glory in winning an increased number of seats
But in not taking over the power it is numbered among their defeats.
The NDP is rejoicing it is not as bad as they feared
They finally gained recognition for the Sikh with a very nice beard.
The Bloc has risen from nowhere and may now play a major role
Annoying all of the others with all of the seats that they stole
The Greens are covered with glory, they’ve gone up from one seat to three
And as I found out this morning they must now represent me
But the one who can claim most this election is the one who all on her own
Won the battle to hold onto her riding, when dismissed by the one on the throne

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One Comment
  1. Love your final line. Brilliant!

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