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A parent`s lament

January 12, 2020

Oldest daughter and her husband
Are in Thailand as I speak
They went there before Christmas
And will stay another week.

The curse of social media
Is exposed in every way
As they send us 50 photos
On Facebook every day

From the temples or the beaches
From the tables where they eat
As the monkeys steal there smoothies
Their enjoyment is complete

Mean while in New Brunswick
The snow and sleet come down
Its enough to make a parent
Inclined to show a frown.

Of course we`re glad our children
Can have three weeks of fun
But must they send us pictures
To show what they have done.

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  1. Robin permalink

    Just a warning, one of your other daughters will be in Madeira, Portugal in about a week (but only for a few days, so not too many facebook posts 😉

  2. permission granted for a few days

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