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The Family Portrait

January 19, 2020

It’s a very pretty picture of the women in my life
All three of my daughters and of course mycharming wife.
The picture’s not a recent one, its from 1973
All of them much older now, the same applies to me.
Back in those days I wondered what the future years would hold
But now I have some memories and stories to be told.
My wife just starting studying down the road at UNB
On route to completion of a fine PhD.
And then as a professor, a career in something new
For eighteen years distinguished in her role at STU.
Oldest daughter Judy is an athlete all the way
I hate to think how far she’s running every day
She’s working for a sports store, and training on and on
Preparing to be running yet another marathon.
Her children, both grown up now in a life they have enjoyed
And thankfully the pair of them are happily employed.
Middle daughter Robin, an entrepreneur at heart
Practises successfully the photographic art,
Many thousand pictures her cameras have exposed
In developing reputation of her company Unposed.
Susan is the youngest one, one son is still in school
He’ll soon be like his brother at uni, that’s the rule
Susan’s a computer geek, coding well and oft.
Now she’s independent, but she was with for Microsoft.
She also is a runner, going on and on
And joins her oldest sister in the Boston marathon
As for me its 26 long years since I left my employ
And now in recreation my hours I can enjoy.
I used to be a runner as my daughters like
But now my knees have let me down, I only ride a bike.

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  1. Sounds like a very nice family!

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