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Covid Shopping

April 9, 2020

Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, 20 centimetres of snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow.
So we went shopping at 8:15 am.
There was a socially distanced line up out side the supermarket, so I joined it so that my wife did not have to wait outside. After 20 minutes I was at the front of the queue, and she went into the store.
Knowing that there was a limit to how long my wife can tolerate shopping, I returned to the back of the lineup, so that I could relieve her after a while. This time it was 25 minutes before I got to the front of the line, washed my hands as instructed, put on my face mask,(a very pretty one made from, a pair of socks), and went in search of her.
As all the shopping aisles are one way only, it took me a while to find her, she had half the shopping done, but unfortunately a rather small cart.
I took over, and then had to wait a while for a very slow male shopper to change his mind frequently, thus delaying every one else.
I tried to be clever and bypass him, but found myself trying to go in the wrong direction down an aisle to the horror of other shoppers.
With the small cart it became rather hazardous to add extra items, but I managed to balance the eggs safely.
Finally I collected most of the items on the list and headed for the socially isolated line up for the check out.
Not wishing to repeat last week’s experience, when I had to sort out the pile of groceries myself, I succumbed to buying bags so that they would be packed for me.
All was run through and the time came to pay the computer screen said I had spent $509.15. I did not believe it and insisted on it being checked.
There was an item called groceries with a price of $300, where it should have been a pound of pears. They made the correction, and I got the pears for free.
It was 9:45 am, one and a half hours from the beginning

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  1. OMG, a $300 error!! I’ll stick with the self checkout. I just came back from Sobey’s, just for a few things to complete my otherwise complete larder for the very reasons you describe. The lady in front of me in the long line outside said that she’d come at 8:10 and the line was longer than the 11:00 one, so she’d checked the SuperStore line, decided to go home, and came back at 11:00. Nothing like the combo of Easter closures and a snowstorm! Now you can hunker down and enjoy your treats!

  2. $300 for one pound of pears – obviously someone had accidentally put the barcode for hand sanitizer on the pears.

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