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An arm in harms way

May 19, 2020

A year ago in March, it was not very nice,
When on a frosty morning my wife fell on the ice.
I rushed her to emergency for assistance for my bride
While her left arm was useless hanging by her side.
After she was x-rayed sadly it was spoken
That in several places her left arm was broken.
They took her into surgery to minimise the harm
And used metal for replacement in her elbow and her arm
It took a while for her to heal and use the arm herself ,
To button up a blouse or to take things from a shelf.
By Christmas it was nearly healed and she could dance and sing
Looking forward to the chance of biking in the spring
Winter went on for ever but in April there was hope
That with May’s arrival with biking she would cope.
We took her bike down to the store, who fixed it up like new
So we could ride together as we liked to do.
The first rides went quite easily around the country side
The two of us together, riding side by side.
But then came a disaster as we rode out of town
I heard a crash behind me as my wife came tumbling down.
She lay there on the roadway, underneath her ride
Tangled in her bicycle her arm clutched to her side.
A lot of helpful people came rushing to our aid
To help her from entanglement. The Covid rules were stayed.
I got her to the doctor and then on up the hill,
For X ray at emergency, while trying to keep it still.
I left her at the doorway, with Covid rules in force
I couldn’t go in with her to stay with her of course.
They called for me to fetch her back in about an hour
I sped up there to get her as fast as I had power.
Yes she had a fracture higher up her arm
Than where she broke it last year. She accepted it with calm.
So now we hope recovery will help her without fail
But don’t be too surprised if you see a bike for sale

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  1. Next year I am buying mum a bubble wrap coat for Mothers day!

  2. I don’t really “Like” this, Tim. I’m just glad I saw you both down by the ball field so I know she’s more or less OK. I am so sorry this happened; you didn’t need this setback in order to have new material for your excellent poems!

  3. Duncan MacDonald permalink

    Such a shame Tim

    Sorry Sheila

    Margie says she will pass on buying the bike. Had been considering it. But no more


    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Bell network.

  4. Alice haines Manzer permalink

    Oh Tim I was afraid to read this, Hopefully Sheila a fast recovery not much pain. Otherwise keep well from Covid—alice

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