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Life in the slow lane

August 21, 2020

The slow lane is very much a relative concept, and widely open to interpretation. I think about it as I am pottering along on my bicycle on a trail and I am overtaken by some speeding enthusiast with his or her head down at at least twice my speed. On another day while cycling through the woods I may pass dog walkers idling along as their canine companions snoop and poop, who may see me as the fast lane.

The ribbon cutting

Well illustrated perhaps by the above picture which shows my wife and myself formally cutting the ribbon to our new driveway, so much and excitement for us. but so much slow lane to the jogger that he just drifts on by.

Another good illustration of the slow lane phenomenon is the early morning seniors shop at the supermarket. With the younger hurried hordes kept firmly away you have an hour to work your way round the shelves and select your groceries, and time to chat with the check out lady who can inquire as to the state of your family. We used to do our pre Covid supermarket shop on Saturdays, but felt that it was too crowded so moved it to Fridays, now it seems as if the weekend starts on Friday, it is a longer week end in the slow lane

One good thing that the pandemic has given us.

Leisure can be a blessing or a curse. Whether you want to be in the slow lane or the fast lane will determine which of those it is going to be. There has to come a time when you decide where you belong, and none of us can keep up with a fast pace for ever. You may have to choose your moment for the decision, but do not neglect the tranquillity of the slow lane.

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  1. Tim, this is a brilliant post. Full of wisdom. My body has placed me firmly in the slow lane and I have fully embraced it. Tranquil indeed. Your driveway pic is fabulous. Was it a set up or did a jogger really happen by while you were cutting the ribbon to your fancy new driveway?! And how did the ribbon miraculously repair itself??!!

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