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A creature of habit

December 26, 2020

It is Christmas Day and I can’t help thinking of Christmases past, all the things associated with a traditional Christmas that are not happening this year. The gathering of families and friends replaced with a Zoom call that spanned the ocean, so while missing close contact with some people we did see more than usual of more distant friends and family. The other startling feature of this Christmas is the weather, the thermometer is standing at 17 degrees Celsius as I write this, a new record for Fredericton. I have just returned from a bicycle ride on the trails, which were very quiet, I suppose everyone was recovering from a vast lunch.

As we are having our Turkey for the evening meal (actually one skinless boneless turkey breast). We had a casual lunch, which for me was boiled tomatoes on toast. This may seem trivial, but exactly 80 years ago, my parents had with great difficulty secured a turkey to feed the family together with some strays who stayed with us to avoid the London blitz. I am appalled to say that I steadfastly refused to eat turkey and demanded tomatoes on toast. As it was Christmas Day my long suffering mother went out and opened one of the jars of preserved tomatoes ,and gave in to my demand. Now 80 years later I had the same Christmas Day lunch. It was clearly a slow forming habit.

It is a little sad to think that of the nine people round that table, I am the only one left to remember the incident.

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  1. Very nice memories and sentiments, Tim. Tomatoes on toast must be an acquired taste, acquired very, very young!! Enjoy the rest of these holidays, especially the bizarro weather.

  2. Duncan MacDonald permalink

    Happy…and melancholy… thoughts Tim

    When my Father was in the hospice in Florida…I brought him his favorite breakfast each morning. Two poached eggs soft on toast and my mothers strawberry’s jam. He savored each bite as we talked of his life from birth. One morning I remind our extended family that no matter how bad things might become…one can always take the time for a good breakfast. Wise words…as usual

    Thanks for sharing


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