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October 21, 2022

A remarkable collection of surviving relatives in August 2022. Three daughters, three sons in law. one niece and one nephew in law. Four grandchildren, and one great nephew. In addition, but not present, we also have three step grandchildren and four step great grandchildren who joined the family with one of the sons in law.

They are all standing on the dock outside a cottage belonging to one of the sons in law, during a visit from England of my niece and her husband and son.

Some statistical data :

They all have post-secondary qualifications. apart from two who are still at university.

Between them they have run at least 40 marathons, and over 3000 kms in races.

Marathons include London, Boston, Chicago, Ottawa, Prague, Big Sur, Berlin, Tokyo,

Two, and their mother have won national titles.

Over 100 mountains summited. not including Sheila’s 35 ascents of Mount Katahdin.

Some of them trot the globe for business, others for pleasure.

Some write books, some blogs some take wonderful photographs.

We are very proud of our family, but we do find them exhausting

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️ Great post, Tim. Your family is doing you and Sheila proud.

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