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Flu Shot

November 13, 2018

Flu Shot 2017

It seems to be the standard that when you’re feeling bad,
And looking for a person to explain the thing you had
You find you’re not the only one who’s seeking for respite
In fact if at emergency you may be there all night.
Imagine my astonishment, the surprise that I got
When I went into your surgery to have my annual shot.
A message came from Kathy , saying I could join the line
Of people getting flu shots , the hours were five to nine.
I’d had my dinner early, it was my turn to cook,
And thinking of the wait to come, I found myself a book.
I left my wife the washing up, and jumped into my car
And headed down to destiny, it wasn’t very far.
The first surprise that came to me, was that unlike other cases.
Outside of the building were some empty parking spaces.
I parked the car and went inside, I opened up the door,
Just one guy in the waiting room, just one, not any more.
I was going to take a seat as I thought I’d have to stay
Till after him, but Kathy said; “go in there right away.”
I went right in, the nurse arrived and shot me up first try
I turned and left to head for home as Doctor K said “Hi.”
I felt this was a marvellous deal the lack of wait I meant
But may be it is just this time, and not a precedent.

Tim Andrew October 8, 2017

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