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My knees experience

November 13, 2018

The history of my knees

When I was but a little lad, 9 years old or so
I raced with others over fields just as fast as I could go
I wore new plimsolls for the race it really was such fun
And even more surprisingly in my first race I won.

That was a great beginning and I was so inspired,
I used to go out running more than was required
Through ten more years of schooling I carried on apace
But alas through all that time, I never won a race.

Then on to University, racing in a team
With really expert runners like living in a dream
We ran through mud and water. Whatever we would meet
I even purchased running shoes with spikes beneath my feet

Occasionally successful, we won from time to time
Though I finished further back the feeling was sublime,
We even had a team that ran for days; a journey that would wend
To finish up at John of Groats that started at Lands End

And then I went for graduate work, with little time to run
But was chosen for a lowly team after work was done.
Alas for lack of training I was not very fast
And competing with the RAF I fear I came in last.

Then off to Australia, my running I forsake
For fear I put my foot down on a really nasty snake.
And then for a few more years I gave my knees a rest
From running, but my lifestyle gave the rest of me a test.

Then we came to Canada, a different kind of place
And quite a lot of people who looked forward to a race
Sometimes on a trail, and sometimes on a bearing
Discovering the hiding spots when out orienteering.

We started as a family. But I soon saw the need
To become competitive I had to increase speed.
To compensate I started out with some sort of training
Running nearly every day even during raining

About this time the fashion grew in many local places
To organise at week ends a series of road races
5 miles at first, and then ten k, and as time went on
It was decided it was time to stage a marathon

The first time that we had one was forty years ago
I ran in it successfully as fast as I could go
Third place in my age group, but when it was complete
I had one solid blister under all of both my feet

The suffering and the painfulness turned out to be good news
From then on I went running in more appropriate shoes
I felt like running daily as fast as I could please
I was as yet unaware of what was happening to my knees

For 20 years I carried on with ever varied pace
Travelling extensively where I could find a race
Marathons in London, in Prague, and yes, Saint John,
Enjoying new experiences where I had never gone.

Each year by Lake Geneva a marathon takes place
My daughter felt the two of us could go and run the rave
But sadly when I got there I quietly had to say
My knees are really troubling, I’ll only run half way.

So I entered the half marathon hoping for the best
I only ran a part of it, I had to walk the rest.
And ever since I no run as I would like
I have to take my exercise riding on my bike

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