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Road Kill

September 30, 2019

Road kill or not

Who does not dread that awful thunk
Which means that you have hit a skunk.
Preparing now for weeks of hell
Until the car has lost the smell.
Motorists will gladly brake
To ensure turtles crossings make.
And others carry things to do
For when delayed by caribou
Whose migrations, thousands strong
May go on for rather long.
The UK tunnels under roads
To make it safe for crossing toads
There’s tunnels built on highway 2
To help the moose and deer pass through.
But as a cyclist on the trails
I see where beasty safety fails
In finding squashed pathetic hairs
The tragic end of woolly bears
Please drivers do not be a killer
Of this harmless caterpillar
On its way to safe pupation
To raise another generation.

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One Comment
  1. Great effort, Tim. Your poems are always a treat, but this one is especially fun to read out loud! 😊

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