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The trails

October 4, 2019

For those who like to wander, to walk or run or ride
There are maps around the city they can use as guide
They show the routes where trains of yore ran along on rails
That now are saved for people’s use ,the city’s walking trails
From Lincoln out past Silverwood they follow the Saint John
Or head along the Nashwaaks to Marysville and on and on
From Nashwaaksis to Douglas, on the hills of park Odell
There is a trail to follow, to hurry on or dwell
On both sides of the rivers there’s hiking paths galore
Providing views of countryside and rivers and much more
A chance to watch the wildlife the eagles, geese and ducks
Or even to encounter a doe with fauns or bucks
You can gaze in people’s gardens admire their planned array
Or watch in fall the falling leaves as you go on your way.
If you want to cross the river, I would really like to say
There’s a bridge just for pedestrians, but it is closed today
They’ll spend the winter fixing and when the work is done
We’ll celebrate as users, each and every one.

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