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The first snow of winter

November 8, 2019

Like most of us this morning, I faced a day of woe
When looking out the window I saw the falling snow.
It might look very pretty on the lawn and on the trees
But it is quite appalling for my arthritic knees.
I suppose for all you skiers its something that you like
But it creates a problem if I want to ride my bike
When its cold and chilly it isn’t very nice
And wind and hills are nothing when compared to ice
Even going to the Y quite probably backfires
Until I find a dealer to install my winter tyres.
But walking on a treadmill is really not the same
So perhaps for exercise I shall find some other game.
A quite different experience would be a better thing
To occupy me happily while waiting for the spring.
Another form of pastime for the days ahead
I’ll ask my wife to join me for an afternoon in bed


I just heard from the dealer, they’ll pick me up here soon
And the car with winter tyres on will be here this afternoon.
Which means a different strategy, I’m going to have to try
To convince my loving partner we should not go to the Y.

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  1. Did you clear this idea with Sheila before pressing “Publish”, Tim? Or are you counting on your endless charm?! 😏

  2. Yes I read it to her before I pressed publish

  3. Marti-Lou permalink

    Ah, for your exercise upon a snowy day,
    Some activity for which your sweet wife just might ‘pay’.
    You scrub the floors, you wash the doors,
    You clear the closets, empty drawers.
    You stretch and groan,
    You twist and moan,
    Your heat it will aflutter.
    Then do make haste to your good clean kitchen,
    Pour a dram and quit your bitch’in!

  4. Robin permalink

    Laughed out loud

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