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The Victoria Circle

November 21, 2019

I believe that the completion of this epic piece of traffic management is imminent, so of course is a bad poem.

Very soon I shall go out,
To try our brand new roundabout.
Just assuming that the work’ll
Soon complete Victoria Circle.
Of course I have not tried it yet
But seen instructions on the net.
Where safety travel preordains
Travelling in the proper lanes
You can’t go wrong, it is quite clear
There are arrow markings there
Once you take the proper station
You’re bound to reach your destination..
Travelling with spirit blithe
From King Street all the way to Smythe
Or from the Woodstock Road you can
Reach the Boulevard Ste Anne
Those on foot you must avoid
Or they’ve the right be annoyed
As going in or out they say
Pedestrians have the right of way
There’s one thing that I do not know,
What happens with a fall of snow.
As it falls, then dear oh dear
The arrows all will disappear
And those who’ve yet their lanes to master
May end up in complete disaster

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  1. Last two lines are perfect! Much laughter in this household.

  2. Robin permalink

    Work’ll and Circle? Love your creative writing. Surprised you haven’t got a line or two about navigating by bike 🙂

  3. Weather not suitable, but it is an idea I may pursue

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