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Some weeks are better than others.

November 24, 2019

There are some occasions when you may be brought up short
When you realise you are not quite the person that you thought.
If it happens to you only once it isn’t very nice
But really most disturbing in a week it happens twice.
It started as a consequence of middle daughters choice
Of a class in stand up comedy as training for her voice.
After many weeks of classes, they all put on a show
And to ensure enthusiasm all her relatives did go
Robin made great efforts in preparing her display
Choosing careful topics such as stand up comics say.
Not just normal conversations , as I can allege
But other sorts of topics, nearer to the edge
Her niece at the performance said I’m shocked, and really can’t
Believe I’d hear that sort of thing said by my elderly aunt.
If middle daughter’s elderly then clearly we’ve been told
My wife and I must now accept that we are getting old.
But that was just the start of things, as background I’ll explain
The homeless have set up a tent city once again.
Its down beside the river by a trail that gives
Access to the mansion where the lieutenant governor lives
Last Thursday in the evening my wife was driven there
To listen to a speaker with wisdom he would share
About an early church near by where poorer people went
United in their fond belief in what the bible meant.
At eight o’clock I drove the car to fetch her from the fray.
And found the building door was locked, so outside I must stay
The commissionaire then soon arrived and peered out of the door.
With the greatest of suspicion saying “What are you here for?”
Well I know my winter garments may not be very pretty
But he thought I had come directly from my place back in tent city.
Some come here in the evening is what I was told.
And I can’t say that I blame them for escaping from the cold.
I finally convinced him I was here to find my wife,
So then he let me pick her up, and get back to normal life.

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  1. Brilliant juxtaposition of the topic of the talk, the LG’s mansion, and the tent city, which is two rows of tents this year, plus a few more scattered around. Bravo, young fellow!

  2. Robins email permalink

    Elderly????? Sam, I might have to disown you as a niece 🙂

    Robin Andrew Owner Unposed Photography 613-799-6524

    2017 West Ottawa Board of Trade Small Business of the Year 2015 Ottawa Market Leader as featured in the Ottawa Business Journal


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