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The plumbing Klutz

January 25, 2020

We’ve had an interesting time for this past week or three
The heating was not working as its supposed to be
We had to bring a plumber in to find out what was wrong
And fix it so it heated up and stayed warm all day long.
I watched the guy while working, and I was quite impressed
As he had to change some of the things, and then left the rest
Now this of course involved electric power a special kind of threat
To amateurs who, fix things that are not trained as yet.
But I had a problem of plumbing yet to do
To find the right solution to the upstairs flushing loo.
No electricity involved, not difficult to see
The problem should be solvable by amateurs like me.
Each time you flushed the thing the water kept on flowing
Long after that the tank was filled it just kept on going.
I told the plumber all the symptoms I’d seen
And asked him for suggestions as to what it might have been
He said its very likely that you need a brand new flapper
To stop the water flowing when the tanks full in the crapper.
So I bought a brand new flap valve and installed it with great care
Following instructions that the package had to share.
I flushed, the water filled the tank it, I made triumphant cry
But when I tried it out again, I found the tank was dry.
Faced with this frustration just one way now remains
To get the upstairs loo to flush, turn on and off the mains.

My wife said will you never learn at fixing you’re a bummer

It really makes a lot more sense just to phone the plumber

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  1. I’m strongly on your wife’s side in this instance, Tim! 😏

  2. I must have some practical skills

  3. Robin permalink

    It’s a guy thing… 😉

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