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The New Loo

January 31, 2020
The new loo

You may recall I wrote a rhyme
Not so long ago in time.
In which I said I’d had a brush
At fixing up the upstairs flush.
I also said in that last verse
All I did was make it worse.
My wife then offered sage advice
Do not try to fix it twice.
I don’t believe you’d be a master
More likely you’d create disaster.
She said she thought that I should go
And hire a plumber, use a pro.
So of course I thought it nice
To accept my wife’s advice.
This very day with bold defiance
One replaced the old appliance.
Task completed then my bride
Turned the handle, flushed with pride.

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  1. Dual flush? Bidet attachment?

  2. Lol. It’s always a good idea to listen to your wife!

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