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The steam room

February 15, 2020

I was sitting in the steam room
The heat was at its peak
When through the heat and moisture
I heard somebody speak.

How are you this afternoon?
Had a busy day?
Got your exercising done
Before you go away?

Do you enjoy retirement?
Is it something you’ve enjoyed
Or is it true as some folks say
You’d rather be employed.

I found it rather puzzling
This chatting in the fog
But still I felt impelled to
Make this a dialogue.

I wasn’t here on Tuesday
Or Saturday I said
The weather was so awful
I quit and stayed in bed

I do like the new treadmill
So I can watch the news
While pounding out the distance
In my running shoes

Do you get here often
Or only when by chance
Your personal ambitions
Include the fitness dance.

I hear the room door open
I am relieved because
He left me without saying
Who the heck he was

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