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The Happiest Year?

February 21, 2020

There was a column in the Times last week that reported a study had established that the happiest people were aged 82. As an 82 year old, I am putting my year in review.

I’m told a recent study, and hope that this is true,
Says that you are happiest when you are 82.
A valuable conclusion I am happy to engage,
Based upon the circumstance that is my current age.
My birthday’s in September, March is nearly here
I hope I have not wasted half this clearly special year.
As I review those recent months, since 82 begun
I realise I misconstrued some things that were fun.
Those strange and achy feelings I have in both my knees
Are really for the fun of it, a kind of cosmic tease.
I’m woken up each morning by my wife who says to me
Its time to put the kettle on to make your cup of tea
I make my tea and drink it, get out of bed and then
Stagger to the bathroom for acetaminophen
I cannot take an aspirin for any of my ills
It is contraindicated by one of my other pills
If that does not relieve for me the pain my knees are in
I find the other package, and then spread on Voltaren.
I haven’t had my breakfast yet, so I still have the time
For happiness to show up and celebrate in rhyme.
Morning spreads before me, I eat my toast and jam
And hurry to remind myself how happy now I am.
I turn on my computer so I can read the mail
Hoping that this morning the wi-fi will not fail.
I down load a newspaper so I can read the news
And then print the crossword, so we can solve the clues.
And so the day progresses, does happiness await?
This early in the morning its very hard to state.

If 82 brings happiness and I am having fun

I must have been quite miserable when I was 81.
But patience, we’re but half way through and if I remember
I’ll tell you how the rest has gone, when we reach September.

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  1. Lol. They’re always a treat, Tim, but this one is a real gem. Now I know why I have so much trouble finding acetaminophen and Voltaren in the shops; you got there ahead of me! If we replace the word ‘happy’ with ‘contentment’, I think they’re on to something!

  2. But we all know the truth on which for you now 82
    Do measure too your happiness, you know it must be true
    whether kids and grandkids, not little now, more aged
    are not in great trouble, and are suitably engaged

    Is it only parents who exclaim and find great joy
    when a company offers their child time of paid employ?
    or finding you can discuss with your grandson you find great
    whether that rock in the yard it is a silicate

    Fear not, no more high school plays on topics strange and deep
    Except of course director role did Connor recent leap
    Carter also frees you soon of hockey games in cold
    with concrete seats and large steps that are cruel to knees so old

    So as you dine with kootz and solve the puzzles with the clues
    we’ll try to keep you up to date with all the current news
    We hope to give you many tales on which to celebrate
    so you can brag of children and how we’re all really great

    • Sue, you do your father more than a little proud. Bravo. Don’t let him kid you, he’s happy! 😏

  3. In order to avoid any problem or resentment
    I am willing to accept the offered term contentment.
    But as for my descendants and my descendants progeny,
    I am against creating a familial orogeny.
    I hesitate in saying how much I am proud of them
    In case I might miss out some, because there’s such a crowd of them.

  4. Robins email permalink

    I enjoyed this one dad! I hope you are happy!

    Love, Robin

    Robin Andrew Owner Unposed Photography 613-799-6524


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