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A sinking feeling

February 29, 2020

We bought this house to live in in 1973
It had sufficient bedrooms for my wife, the kids and me.
The basement partly finished one room behind a door
Had paneling upon the walls and carpet on the floor
The laundry floor was with plywood raised a little bit
The washer and the dryer sat on top of it.
One of the sheets of plywood made a different sight
For some unknown reason, partly painted white.
In the rest of the basement, the concrete was quite bare
And so I poured some paint on it to provide a little cheer.
After 47 years had passed the paint began to peel.
I needed to replace it to improve the floors appeal.
I bought some floor paint for the job, it is a brownish red
I poured it out upon the floor and used a brush to spread.
When the concrete floors were done, some of the paint remained,
So I went into the laundry to where the floor was stained.
By using a paint roller the red was then applied
And covered up the white bits, or at least I tried.
I had now a red roller, to clean it I did think
The best way to do it, was in the laundry sink.
Alas a lack of planning made my cleaning go astray
As the paint was too waterproof and would not go away.
So now the sink itself sadly it is said
Was covered up with patches to match the floor in red.
My wife then suggested that this is not the way to be
And trusted it would be remedied, presumably by me.
I’ve tried out several strippers, of paint that is of course,
And after soaking in the paint you scrape them off by force
I’ve spent a long time scraping stripper I have used up lots
And now we have a laundry sink that’s grey with reddish spots.

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One Comment
  1. I didn’t catch the stripper line until reading it out loud to Howie, another of your fans. I think that’s by far the best line – out of many! You clearly have energy to burn, my friend. 😊

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