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Covid Air Canada Supplement

March 11, 2020

When I published my blog this afternoon, I bewailed the fact that Air Canada’s special deal on cost free flight changes did not apply to me because I had purchased the ticket a while ago, and I had to act two weeks before the flight I wished to change. Since I wrote that I have had no less than three emails from Air Canada. The first offered me the chance to upgrade my existing reservation, an offer I declined. The second told me about a new policy that seemed to mean I could get a refund, but I could not get through to it. The third email was to tell me that the flight I was booked on had now changed its departure time, and offered me options, including cancelling the flight, When I went to that option I was offered a partial refund, or a complete credit against a future flight this year. I took that option.
It is nice to know that Air Canada reacts so positively and fast to my blogs!

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