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A Tuxedo Tale

March 20, 2020

This was my first Tuxedo, inherited from my father who bought it in 1926 for an event at the sexcentenary of his college. He kindly passed in on to me in 1955. And I wore it at the same college in 1959.

In 1961 my wife and I were moved to Australia by the Government who had hired me as a geophysicist. As a professional I was booked to travel first class on the Oriana. A three week voyage with the nobs, and dressing for dinner. By this time my father’s 1926 tux was a bit mildewed. As I was now employed I purchased a new one, paying about $40 for it.

After the voyage it received little use, apart from a few formal balls and things, and some dinners and fundraisers during my years with the MPHEC.

The only other wearing of it took place at the intermittent “Gaudys” at the college that I shared with my father.. These are dinners for graduates of a group of graduates from the same period. The frequency depending on how many years they put together. The first one I went to was for a three year collection. The one that was scheduled for tonight was for a a 6 year collection, 1955 to 1961.

I still have that 1961 purchased tux, but a little maintenance was required. At the last of these events as I rose from the dining table, seams under my arms failed noisily. A little embarrassing, but not as bad as the problem another faced, when his trousers split as he stood up. Realising that my tux is approaching its 60th year I took it to Stitchit to see if they could put my sleeves back on. I was delighted that they could indeed do that, and at a reasonable cost. I also succeeded in finding a pair of black dress shoes that I could walk in. I was prepared to go to the gaudy as a figure of elegance to impress my aging costudents.

Then COVID arrived, so tonight instead of a formal dinner and reception with champagne and fine wines and spirits. I shall have a baked potato and salad.

Some days you just can’t win.

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  1. I hope you will at least wear your repaired tux tonight to impress your child bride, and I don’t believe there’s anything to stop the champagne and fine wine and spirits. I wonder what pairs best with potato salad! Cheers to you both!!

  2. I was twenty-one when we married, not quite a child. However I will still be impressed as he comes to dinner in corderoys and a warm sweater

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