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The new shopping experience

April 5, 2020

On Friday I went shopping with my wife to buy supplies
Of food and such necessities on which one’s life relies
We used the supermarket nearest to our door
We understand the layout we’ve both been there before.
We parked the car as usual and then saw something new
The store door was not open, outside there was a queue.
The folks used social distancing carefully spread apart
And when the door was opened some movement could start
My wife does not like standing long so I went out to wait
So she could then replace me at my turn at the gate.
She then received instructions as to what she had to do
To follow all the arrows and ensuring bags were new
It was really quite confusing, going place to place
In the right direction, leaving proper space.
She was gone for 30 minutes so I then went in too
To takeover the shopping cart the least that I could do.
I finished up the shopping we’d carefully made a list.
With just some little extras, I could not resist.
The line up for the check out was clearly organised
I got there fairly quickly, pleasantly surprised.
Once the guy had scanned things he left them on the shelf
He told me that the bags I had I had to fill myself
So I just had to do it, it took a little while
To fill the bags with groceries from one unsorted pile.
And then there came the moment at which I had to pay
The bill was such that I hope now we won’t return till May

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  1. A strange time it has come indeed when shopping for your food
    No longer do we just pop out when we feel in the mood
    But the food is there you will not be a starving waif
    Follow all the rules and lets keep everybody safe

  2. I knew you’d do a masterful job with this topic, Tim. I thought of you both when I was at the SuperStore this morning. No lineups on Sunday mornings!

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