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Just Zooming along

March 30, 2020

In the throes of isolation being urged to stay at home,
And limited when going out as to how far you can roam.
Shopping for necessities, you have to have supplies
And if you do it carefully, take some exercise.
So how then do we compensate for what we cannot do?
We try communication by systems, to us, new.
It started when a daughter a real computer whiz
Invited us and siblings to do a family quiz.
The inevitable consequence, a new toy in the room
We had to get instructions to log us in to Zoom.
The happy smiling faces of the young now we would see,
A contrast to my puzzled face just staring back at me
But things worked out better than they had earlier been
When they and not my own face stared back from my screen.
We all logged on, I think that’s right, its what you’re meant to say
And faced up to the challenge and entered in the fray.
She showed a set of pictures and we had to try
To see what people in them we could identify.
The answers were displayed on screen and not by voice
Selected from a set of four so you could make a choice.
The process seemed so simple, an easy way of sharing
But now all the children know the sloppy clothes I’m wearing

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  1. And it’s fun, right?!

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