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You win some, you lose some.

April 23, 2020

As old age crept up on us we sometimes felt forlorn
And lazy so we hired someone to maintain our lawn.
The mowing was just part of it, there was another thing
A fall clean up to remove the leaves, and one in the spring.
The past two years the clean up failed to happen in the fall
When falling snow submerged the leaves in early winter pall.
The clean up crew arrived this week, fulfilled their task, hooray!
Here in time to beat the snow that just arrived today.

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One Comment
  1. Well as we aged,I find the small things important: all those flowers that show up in the spring, the tender green that appears from nowhere,and the sand and waves that clean my feets and help me thinks more clearly…I often think with my feets…and I’ll stop here before it degrades further…

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