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What are we missing

May 1, 2020

Back in the days pre Covid, we all would gather round
And over cups of coffee discuss what we had found.
Or in the bar just after work exchange our current views
On weather, personalities and what’s featured on the news.
We had a chance behind our hands to wonder if its true
What Mr X with Mrs Y were rumored wont to do.
Expressing fears that love affairs might just be going on
Not simply sharing training for some future marathon.
But that we are all locked up, at least six feet apart
How can such information we legally impart
Alas the times are changing and sadly it is said
As a victim of the virus gossip is now dead.

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  1. Lol. Good try, Muffin Man, but my guess is that gossip may be the only thing that doesn’t change when this lockdown is through!

  2. Robin permalink

    Think I have to agree with Jane on this one.. it just carries on in facebook messages and emails 😉

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