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Charity begins where?

October 23, 2021

The fund raiser

Have you been to a fund raiser recently
I was out to attend one one night
I try to not attend them too frequently
As somehow they don’t seem quite right

The guests are all there in their splendour
Donating their cash and their time
Generous too to surrender
Themselves to a cause so sublime

There’ll be speakers who tell the objectives
Of the people who’re running the show
They’ll be grateful to us all selective
Who could choose and be willing to go

There also may be an auction,
Silent or run by a star
Who’ll sell, off some weird concoction
Like a licence to hold a bazaar

I wonder, and my payment pauses
How the beneficiaries feel
When the amount that goes good causes
Is no more than what goes on the meal

The mail box

If you once sent some money supporting

A charity that you admired

You’ll find that they keep on reporting

That further donations required

They’ll send you letters suggesting

You could send them money each week

Or else use your money investing

In gifts they include as they speak

Like calendars notebooks and labels

Socks and bags for your gear

I’m surprised how they are able

To pay for the postage each year

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One Comment
  1. Boy, you’ve nailed this one, Tim. I’ve started letting charities know that I will not donate any longer until they stop sending my unwanted Christmas cards or personalized stickers, etc. Or anything by mail for that matter.

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