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Another Covid Christmas

December 30, 2021

The holiday was a challenge for all of us, in our case improved by the willingness of one of our children and her husband to come down to New Brunswick for a few days. We tried to be hospitable, but it is not always simple.

Its’ different with COVID at Christmas,
When your children have all moved away
And only one couple who’re daring,
Are able to come for a stay.

Facing the challenge of airports,
And testing before they could fly
With masks to cover their faces,
As they headed off into the sky.

We were pleased when they got here on schedule,
Without any further delays
They were here for a most welcome visit,
But only to stay for five days

Eager and young by comparison;
They willingly took us in hand.
With gifts, washing up, even cooking .
The help that they offered was grand

We gave them the traditional bedroom,
The one we don’t use anymore
With the double bed given to squeaking
And the wireless thing out on the floor

It did cause some Christmas disruption,
Our routines are just not the same
But its worth it to have two more people,
That’s even enough for a game

There were things that they wanted to sample,
Like blueberry ale and some wine
And the Highland Park 12 that they bought me,
All of it tasting quite fine.

They tidied up after cooking and cleaning,
And then put the utensils away
It did mean some diligent searching,
To find them took more than a day

When we took them back to the airport,
In good time as the airline had asked
We were sad to see they were leaving,
And glad they were properly masked.

So thanks middle daughter and husband
For spending those five days back here
We were delighted to have you
And we wish you a Happy New Year,

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