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The purse

October 12, 2022

Since we have all gone plastic, the way we keep money has changed. Instead of a wallet bulging with bills, I have one with a couple of twenties, and a debit and a credit card. I still need some change from time to time, so for the past couple of years I have also had a change purse to use for example in the market or in places where vendors are unenthusiastic about keeping records for the tax industry. I had a very convenient little black change purse, but it went astray. To replace it I went to my go to store, Dollarama, where all I could find was a variegated cloth rainbow version of a purse, which while not my style, could serve my purpose for the time being. A few weeks later I was in the Regent mall, where there is a luggage shop and went to buy a small black purse. The price was $6 which I was about to pay but they said don’t do that, buy 2. I said why and they said that while one is$6. two are $5. Mystified by the logic, I purchased two purses, but only used one at a time. I should point out that in my relatively old age and advanced decrepitude, when I go to the farmers market on Saturday, I use a walking stick for stability, and also carry a shopping bag. Unfortunately I only have one pair of hands, this means that when I buy something I end trying to juggle the produce, the shopping bag, my walking stick, my purse, and sometimes my wallet at the same time.

I was not therefore totally surprised two weeks ago to discover that I had mislaid my purse. I shrugged my shoulders and said to myself, at least I still have the other purse, and decided not to get too excited about it as it probably only contained $3.45. I did however ask last weekend at a likely stall if they had found a black purse the week before. They said yes and thought they had brought it back to to the market with them. It turned out that they had not but thought it was still at the Big Potato. For our afternoon hike bike we went out to the Big Potato, where they returned my purse to me with enough money in it to purchase some cinnamon buns.

I do like Fredericton

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  1. Oh, Tim, what a wonderful tale of a caring community. I do like Fredericton, too!

  2. Duncan MacDonald permalink

    Beauty Tim

    Thank you for sharing


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