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The bedside table

January 16, 2020

Is there a little table right beside your bed,
And to see what’s on it, do you simply turn your head?
A place to store necessities you might need in the night
Carefully located so you do not need a light.
I have one by my bedside with everything I need
I’ll tell you all about it, and bring you up to speed.
A radio to turn on early in the day
To tell me what the weather’s like and what the news will say
A big electric jug like thing I turn on as I wake
A vital component for my cup of tea to make.
Assorted little bottles with assorted little pills
I’m taking night and morning for treating all my ills
Some are by prescription not all of them but then
I keep a handy bottle of acetominophen
And then there’s melatonin I also tend to keep
Since someone once told me it would help me get to sleep.
I even keep some tissues handy I can seize
If I have a sudden urge to loose an awesome sneeze.
An ideal situation, how could I ask for more
Until I knock a bottle off and spread pills on the floor.

But onwe more experience can be never spurned

If The jug is turned on we now both have learned

When my wife turns her heater on disaster will ensue

We’ll be plunged in cold and darkness , circuit breaker blew

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  1. Robin Andrew permalink

    Did this actually happen dad?

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